Monday, March 29, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 21

A new house -- a large, multi-family one, similar to the one from the longtang -- appears and Haiping and Su Chun are living there now. Haiping is trying to find a job but is unsuccessful. Su Chun suggests that instead of studying for three years Haiping should open an online store and sell things from her home.

In a club, Boss Chen and Secretary Song are sitting and drinking wine. Song tells Chen to continue paying Haizao her salary, even though she doesn't come to work, until she quits.

Haiping calls Secretary Song and asks to meet him. He agrees.

Interesting moment in a coffee shop: Song's wife and her friend are out to enjoy themselves a little. Song's wife asks for a drink menu but is told that there isn't one, and that they must order from the counter. The friend says: "For once we go out for some pizazz and we suddenly we are like peasants entering the city" [i.e. they don't know how to behave or the procedures for things]. Song's wife is spending money and treating herself because of Song's affair. Her friend tells her to divorce, but Song's wife says that is not a possibility, since she is over 40, not beautiful, and divorced so no one will want her. They rush off the pick up their children for extra classes.

Haiping returns the visa card and house key to Secretary Song. He leaves.

Young Bei says he and Haizao should get married. Haizao tells Haiping, who says she shouldn't get married just to make up for mistakes in the past.

The investigation team discovers that the apartment Haiping and Su Chun were living in, and the villa where Song and Haizao had trysts, are owned by the same person: Boss Chen. The team says Chen has no background, so there is suspicion about him. They plan to investigate all the projects of his company.

Boss Chen calls Song and says the dingzi hu are more difficult to move than Mount Tai. Chen goes to Song's office. Song has looked into the background of Grandma Li: her grandfather owned the street that they are demolishing but then his relatives moved in from the countryside and didn't return the housing after [1949] Liberation. Song says he will go meet her.

Haizao tells Young Bei they should wait to get married and he is infuriated, chasing her into the bathroom. Then he apologizes.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 20

Haiping is arguing with Su Chun about her argument with her Japanese students mother. Su Chun says, "You are really someone who likes to eat salty turnips and worries about blandness (咸吃萝卜 淡操心) [salty and bland are antonyms, so the phrase is binary contradiction between "salty people" and "bland people"; it means someone who sticks their noses into things that don't concern them and that they don’t really understand]." Su Chun says they have enough money for the end of the year, but when it comes time to pay back their loan, it will be tough (悬).

Young Bei forgives Haizao and agrees to get back together with her. While he is speaking, the doll that Secretary Song gave Haizao is in the background.

Haizao asks Haiping to return a platinum Visa card to Secretary Song. Haizao is afraid to meet him, so Haiping says that Haizao's feelings for Song are still strong.

Haiping tells her mother to take Ran Ran and go back home since she will have to move out (the apartment was given to her to use by Song's friend). Haizao also wants to move.

Haiping stands in front of Hanyu Property (a intermediary real estate company). She looks at papers and through the window at properties posted. She looks melancholy.

Young Bei is cold to Haizao. She remembers their good times together and is sad.

Ran Ran tells Haiping that she doesn't want to separate from her.

One Month Later

Young Bei and Haizao are moving into a new apartment. Later, after losing a computer game, Young Bei smashes his mouse. Haizao asks him what is wrong. He stares at her then grabs her, throwing her on the bed, then chasing her down the hall and strangling her. He screams in anguish.

Haizai is in bed, with her clothes tossed on the floor. She looks hurt, physically and emotionally. Her neck is bruised and she attempts to hide it by applying cream.

Narrator: "Now, the one who is depressed is Haizao."

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 19

Secretary Song picks up Haizao and is followed by a Taxi. He drags her up the stairs of his villa with her fighting him. Haizao screams for Song to release her. He says, "You have a lover, you want to get married. Playing a game (逢场作戏), I will do it to you in spite." Song rips off her clothes. Haizao sobs, "Why did she [Song's wife] have to talk to me that way?" Song holds her and says he is wrong and will always protect her.

Song and Haizao get into the car to leave. It is raining. Song turns on the headlights and Young Bei is standing in front of the car. The internal car lights are on as Haizao stares at Young Bei. Young Bei is crying; he runs off. Haizao tries to follow him but Song stops her.

Young Bei flashes back to all his happy moments with Haizao. He screams in agony.

Song takes Haizao to look for Young Bei. They go to Haiping's apartment and bang on the door, waking Haiping and Su Chun. Song drops Haizao off and says anything should be left for the next day.

Haizao tells Haiping, who talks to Su Chun. Both Haiping and Su Chun ask, "Did he [Young Bei] block the bed? (给堵床上了)" [appears to mean "find them in bed", netizens (in China) find this phrasing quite interesting.] Su Chun convinces Haiping not to call all Young Bei's friends and colleagues since this would let them all know that Young Bei had been disgraced, and he would have no face -- and perhaps really commit suicide.

At dawn, Young Bei is seen sitting by the banks of the Yangzi (Huangpu), staring at Lujiazui. A song about betrayal is heard. He returns home and sees Haizao. He faints.

Young Bei is sick. Haizao buys him medicine and stays with him. He says, "I am fine". Haizao packs her bags.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coward: These Colours Don't Run

More Woju, Wo Ju, 蜗居 is coming. I have done 6 episodes in last two days.

Slant: First report this morning was that Google had pulled its search site from China, instead directing users to Hong Kong Google (which is uncensored, like the USA version, which isn't blocked either).

Second, news reports from U.K. and USA reported: "Google stops censoring (i.e. quits) in China" [their search engine is gone, so they are not here anymore and hence cannot stop or start censoring].

Third, is blocked in China (around 5 pm in Shanghai). I think it is the end.

It is not. An hour later, back to usual.

Fourth, Bush or Obama, united we stand. And we don't stand down. Google is a coward. A little insurrection and the punch bowl is tipped? Very "French", Google. My distaste is visceral. So arrogant, so correct. Is there not a republic in China? Is there no sympathy for Internet geeks who love Google in China (not "white collars and professionals" as Western market research and Keith Bradsher and David Barboza (new and old China hacks) would have it).

I just lost a bet that American society was more fair. Nevertheless, despite Google, our colors don't run.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 18

The scene continues from the last episode with Haizao's phone ringing while she is in the shower. It is Young Bei and Secretary Song answers it. He hands the phone to Haizao, who is lying in the tub. Haizao says she is alone, not knowing that Song had answered. A firecracker explodes overhead as Young Bei says he loves Haizao.

Song says that Haizao is his woman, that her first time was his. So he wants her to end the relationships with Young Bei. Haizao is puzzled by this [a strange fact fact about the series Woju is that Haizao sometimes has a voice, sometimes her feelings are narrated by a male]. Song: "I took your first time. But I treasure it like a pearl." Haizao holds him and says nothing.

Haizao and Secretary Song leave the hotel. The host calls the investigator and says he has found an opening: "A woman."

Boss Chen calls Secretary Song to thank him for the Red Star real estate advice -- they (in Wuxi) gave him a deal without him even travelling there. Song tells him to complete the deal with Hong Kong even if it is a loss, and wait on Red Star.

Song returns home and his wife is upset. One of Song's classmates told her about Song having a woman with him at the reunion. Song's wife cries. Song says that his relationship with the woman (Haizao) is "逢场作戏" (playing a game in a chance location, repeated twice in this episode -- the opposite of what "Fatty" told the investigator when Song and Haizao left the reunion). Song's wife says, "After so many days, you have no interest in me." She tries to pull away but Song forces himself on her -- she stares off into the distance as he is on top of her.

Song's wife comes to Haizao's office, and asks her to come outside. They go for coffee. Song's wife: "You are for appearances-sake. There will be no result. He is playing a game with you" (during this scene, Haizao's narrates her thoughts in her own voice, after last sentence violin is dramatic). Song’s wife continues: "I advise you one thing: don't use up your youth (青春) to bet on tomorrow. He will give you nothing. In the end, you will lose. I have everything: a husband who loves me, a beautiful daughter, social respect and position. I feel sorry for you. I hope when you are my age you have what I have, and not like a mouse putting away every crumb. And that after your husband knows your history, he will still treat you like his baby". Song's wife leaves.

Haiping arrives and Haizao is sobbing. As Haiping and Song's wife cross paths, someone is taking photographs.

Song confronts his wife. She tells him that Haizao is "playing a game with him" (逢场作戏, repeated for the 4th or 5th time this episode).

The investigator pastes Haiping's picture on the white board and says this is certainly not a case of "someone playing with someone" (same phrase, again). This is our opening.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 17

In the longtang, Grandma Li's electricity has gone out. They plan ways to eat and wash without water, electricity, or gas -- "no matter what, this is better when we were at war with the Japanese," comments Grandma Li.

The demolition team is hammering away at the walls. Boss Chen says he can't believe that the family (Grandma Li's) is still there. The dust will cause them to be kill: "is money more important than life" Chen asks rhetorically.

Haiping and Su Chun are happily preparing for the arrival of Ran Ran, with new clothes and a performance for her. Haiping gets up early to runs out excitedly to meet her parents and Ran Ran at the train station. She calls, and wakes up, Haizao and tells her to hurry.

Su Chun and Young Bei are at home awaiting the arrival of Haiping, Haizao, their parents and Ran Ran. They are in aprons and cooking food: "How the world has changed," says Young Bei.

Haiping wants Ran Ran to sleep with her but she refuses, and wants to sleep with her Grandma.

Grandma Li and her son are lighting candles in their house. Grandma Li says she will bring her grandson home the next day, since she is doing all this for the good of his "marriage apartment" (婚房). Later, they are looking for a bed sheet on which to write characters in order to protest the demolition. They can't find an old bed sheet in the dark so they will wait. Grandma Li remembers that there is one on top of a cabinet. She stands on a stool to reach it but falls.

Grandma Li has broken her hip and is lying in bed while outside demolition continues. Her daughter in law complains about having to bathe her with water that has to be carried in. "I wish I was dead and it was over," moans Grandma Li. No, says he son, because then they would be one less hukou so compensation for relocation would be even less. "Once we get a new apartment, then you can die".

Boss Chen asks how many families have not moved, and the answer is three. After hearing that one of the old ladies (Grandma Li) had broken her hip, and since it was near New Year, Boss Chen says they can put in a water sprout. Then Chen sees a man putting up a banner of protest and regrets feeling sorry for them.

Secretary Song walks into his office and tosses a newspaper on his desk. The title of the article reads "The Most Stubborn Nail Household" (最牛钉子户). He calls Boss Chen and tells him to come to his office immediately. Song tells Chen to arrange for the households for the new year, and that after the new year they will discuss the matter.

A new character appears (it could be the investigator). He passes out documents to a table of people and apologizes for making them work so close to the new year. He announces the official start of the special investigation team's work on a case. He unveils a white paper with photos and lines -- at the center is a picture of Secretary Song. "He is our target, Song Siming", says the lead investigator.

Next scene is of Secretary Song and his family at the airport.

Boss Chen comes to plead with Grandma Li. He says he will return home, and will lend his apartment to Grandma Li. After the new year, they can continue negotiations.

Grandma Li: "Neither gold nest nor silver nest are as nice as one's own dog nest (金窝、银窝,不如自己的狗窝, the "nest" or wo character is same as that in the title "Woju"). Chinese people don’t go to other people's home for the new year. I will stay here. Don't worry about me. Instead, think about how you can relocate us. Wouldn’t giving up one more apartment solve everything? The earlier you give it, the earlier we move." She groans.

Boss Chen leaves. Grandma Li says they can't accept his offer because it will be hard to negotiate with him in they are friends. Her grandson complains that he doesn’t want to stay in the house, and Grandma Li is angry, saying that she and her son and daughter have fought for this to help the grandson out in later life.

Secretary Song is in a massive mansion with his family, including his father. They sit down to eat.

Haizao is going to spend time with Secretary Song so Haiping insists on meeting Song. Haizao gets into the car with Song and they leave.

At the 20th reunion, one of Song's classmates says Haizao looks like someone. Later, he remembers that she looks exactly like an old college classmate “little white bunny”.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 16

The scene from the end of last episode repeats, with Haiping saying she will quit. Haiping says it is all Su Chun's fault, that she has to work outside the home and be picked on by others. Su Chun says yes, she is right. But it is still a job. The old saying is still right: "If this place doesn't give milk, there is a place (for me) where milk is given" (implies that if a place does not welcome you, you have your own place that does; 此处不留奶 自有留奶处). Su Chun tells her not to be angry and she laughs. Su Chun gives her another envelope that he got from drawing blueprints.

Haiping learns that she has been assigned to a desk next to the toilet, and will not be given any work. She daydreams of smashing a vase over her manager's head. She returns home crying.

Grandma Li's neighbors comes to tell her that they are leaving. She says if she could afford the amount that they are paying, she would leave to. She returns to the shikumen

The demolition team is talking and they say Grandma Li is only home left, so they should give her a little extra subsidy. Another responds that they have already given her extra, but that she wants to turn her toilet-house into a golden phoenix.

Haizao comforts Haiping. Haizao says she will take of this issue, and that Haiping should stay home.

Young Bei calls Haizao and says the Haiping should just take it, and not let it interfere with her new year. Haizao hangs up on him. Secretary Song then calls, and instructs Haizao to tell him the whole situation so he can help her analyze it. She tells him about Haiping's company will not give her the several thousand yuan in bonus that is owed her. He laughs and says it is not worth. Haizao is upset, so Song says that Haiping should go to a hospital and have them write out a diagnosis for an illness that will require her to stay away from work for two months. The company would not dare to not pay her the money with this. She can also charge the company for massive medical bills.

The next scene is Haiping walking into the manager's office with her medical certifications and dropping them on the manager's desk. She says he should remember to let her know when bonuses are ready (he can't fire her while she is on sick leave).

Song's wife complains that he doesn't spend any money on housing, on furnishings, or on clothes. He says they have to be careful because of his position. His wife reminds him that their daughter's grades are poor, and he says he knows and has thought about it.

In bed, Song's wife says that Boss Chen has again given money to Song's brother, and he doesn't know what to do with it. Song says he will call him the next day. After they turn out the light, Song's wife says it has been 1-2 months since they have done it. Song says he is tired, and next time she should make an appointment. Perhaps Saturday? You are not a specialist doctor, just forget it.

Haiping is happy that Haizao helped her. They talk about the arrangement with Song will not last long. Then, Haiping gets a call from her manager to come in to you. She goes in, and they pay her the money, so she signs the agreement to quit.

Boss Chen comes to visit Secretary Song. Song tells him to come back on the eight day after new year because there is a Hong Kong businessman who will be in town. Chen asks about the benefits. Song says that you can't always be worried about the benefits. Sometimes when you do ten things right, the other nine have no big reward, but the one will be enough for you to live off for the rest of your life.

Haiping tells Su Chun that on Sunday she and Haizao will go to the train station to pick up her parents and Ran Ran. So he and Young Bei will have to make dinner. Su Chun is upset that he will have to lie to Young Bei about Haizao, but Haiping tells him to get over it.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 15

Haizao, Boss Chen, and Secretary Song leave the restaurant. Boss Chen drives them back.

Haiping gets a new student -- the son of a Japanese woman living in Mark's building. Back at home, Su Chun arrives and gives Haiping an envelope of money that he earned from creating a blueprint for a Fujian person he meet in a work meeting. Haiping stays up late preparing to teach the child.

The demolition crew comes to talk to Grandma Li. They say that the demolition will start, and dust will be everywhere, so she should worry about getting ill. Grandmi Li says it is not that she doesn't want to move, but that they are no giving her a place to move to. "If I had in my hands a three bedroom, one living room apartment, I would run from here faster than you. You give me an apartment, but I don't have the money to pay for it; you give me money, but I can't afford to buy an apartment. What can I do?" She laughs as the director of the residents committee leaves in disgust.

We meet two new people in a large office. They are both wearing suits. The one behind the desk is older, and he is reading a report from the younger one. They are talking about the shikumen that Grandma Li and formerly Haiping and Su Chun lived in, and how it was sold at such a low price to the real estate company owned by Boss Zhang. The older man orders the younger man to start an investigation, but to keep it secret until there is enough proof.

Haiping is declines to work overtime to her boss, again, for the umpteenth time, saying she must go home to make food for her sister (actually she is teaching). Her boss is unhappy, and says you can't hire 30 year old women, since they are busy with their lives and should stay at home.

Haiping returns to the office after the Chinese lesson with the Japanese child, who knows very little reading and writing. She works until late, and there are no more buses. So she decides to stay at the office. After Su Chun tells her she must return, despite the 50 yuan fee for a taxi, she goes back home.

Haiping tries to give 10,000 yuan to Haizao to pay back the loan, but she refuses. Su Chun comes in and says there is a property management fee of 2,200 yuan that must be paid that month. Haizao says Haiping should stay in the apartment and pay the property management fee with the money she is trying to return.

Someone (possible the young investigator) meets with a man and tells him to have classmate reunion. Next, the man appears at Secretary Song's workplace and tells him the classmate reunion in the new year will be at a resort in the countryside, and that Song should bring a partner since everyone else is divorced and they all bring someone (Song always "attends the meeting with a single knife", 单刀赴会). He agrees.

Haizao gets a call from Secretary Song who says he has two hours and he wants her. Afterwards, Song is getting dressed and Haizao asks about the 2,200 yuan fee for property management, and if her parents and Ran Ran can live in the apartment for new year's. Song says the fees will be paid, and that it is fine for the parents to come, but he needs Haizao to come with him to the countryside for 3 days during new year. She agrees.

Haiping gets in another fight with her manager about coming in on Saturday, especially so close to new year. She says she does all her work in the allotted time, and this is a socialist country, she will complain to the Women's Federation. The Japanese boss says the manager should put her in the back and not give her any work.

Haiping comes home to Su Chun and she wants to quit.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 14

City scenes of Xujiahui, one of the largest and most peopled shopping areas in Shanghai. Haizao is browsing in what appears to be Ganghui (Grand Gateway, the most luxurious mall in the area). She buys underwear and coats without thinking. She exits from Pacific Department Store and hops into a taxi.

Haizao visits Haiping and gives her a coat and clothes. Haiping asks who Mr. Song is, and Haizao tells her the truth. Haizao says she is young, and has time for passion and to devour. She doesn't envy Haiping. Haiping lectures her on not being alone when she is old, and that she will meet with misfortune.

Haizao is going to Suzhou to solve a problem with a project. A mistake (on the part of Haizao's company) near the end of the project has caused the client to not pay, and say that they will sue. Boss Chen has confiscated their keys and does not want to meet them for the moment. Haizao's duty is to meet with them and see if she can make progress.

Haizao arrives in Suzhou. She walks around the city and has a meal by herself. When she returns to her hotel, Secretary Song calls her and they flirt over the phone. While she is on the phone, there is a knock at the door. It is Song, but he pretends to abduct her so she screams "help".

The next morning Song sees the new clothes that Haizao has bought and is pleased. He "clothes have a price but youth is priceless". He sees that Haizao will leave so he says he will go with her, since this "bumpkin lass" (小丫头) will never get anything done.

In the meeting room of "Red Star Properties": The man throws done the project packet, "This is what your company has done. Tell your boss I am tearing down the building and finding someone else to redo it." Haizao asks what they can do to solve the problem. "Your behavior is that of a dishonest company (奸商), a fraud. Your company has damaged our reputation and credibility. You want to know what I want? Demolish the entire building and rebuild it." Haizao points out that the interior decoration of the building is already complete, so it doesn't make sense to demolish everything. [We see that Secretary Song is sitting next to Haizao]. The female member of red star speaks, "Who asked you to do this? You think because you get everything done in a hurry we will not object? We will not allow this type of dishonest company behavior. Tell your boss we will see him in court." Song says they will talk to the boss and return in the afternoon.

Song analyzes the project documents. He says that most of the problems are not major, "the demolition of the railing, pollution, surrounding environment, the lack of greenery by 0.1%, verticality off by 0.3% -- these errors are all within acceptable limits. But you are vulnerable on one point, and that is that your boss arbitrarily made the top of the building flat. That is completed different from the blueprint."

Haizao: "Yes. Boss Chen said that he talked to their boss about this and he agreed. They even went out drinking afterwards. But that boss left the company and the new boss has pointed at this as a major problem." Song: "The problem is not major. Money can solve this problem."

Haizao: "But we have sent many people to them to negotiate a monetary settlement, but they will not talk about money. They say we have affected their reputation, and there is irreparable damage that has been done. So we can't make progress on this."

Song asks if Haizao's knows the boss of the company. She gives him the materials, saying that their corporation is very large. Song chuckles as he looks at the materials on the boss. Song says he must go outside and make a phone call. He then takes Haizao to take some photos at scenic areas.

Haizao says: I am on a business trip, not travel. What will I say to Boss Chen. "I am here, what are you afraid of?" says Song [premonition: what will happen if Song is not there? Will Haizao be fired?]

Haiping's boss asks her to put in overtime again, but she says she can't on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, because she is taking classes to catch up with the new waves of college graduates. We learn her company is a Japan-invested enterprise.

Young Bei calls to tell Haizao that he thinks Haiping has another man. He says he loves her.

The next morning. Haizao and Secretary Song are sitting in the room. Song gets a call. He asks how much, then says no problem. He hangs up and tells Haizao to call Boss Chen and tell him to bring the keys in the afternoon. Haizao says they are still owed 2 million yuan. She calls Boss Chen, and Song takes the phone from her. He tells Boss Chen to take the settlement, against Boss Chen's objections. Song instructs him to finish the deal. He adds that Boss Chen shouldn't be rude to his woman (meaning Haizao).

Haizao thanks Song for his help (by saying she likes his thingy). He tells her that everything can be negotiated in this world. The crux is to find the key that unlocks the door to communication between two parties. But he is not a businessman. Businessmen exchange goods for money, and money for goods. It is a one-way street. He is an overpass. He tells Haizao just to be happy. As for the rest, he will take care of it.

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 13

The same scene is repeated. Haiping is furious with Haizao for accepting this much help, and from a man. If Young Bei knew. Haizao says she isn't married to Young Bei, and he is just an ordinary friend. Haiping tells her to treasure love. Haizao asks Haiping if she treasures her feelings with Su Chun, and if this is the life she wanted. Haiping is flustered, and Haizao leaves her and key and storms out.

The apartment is in a beautiful xiaoqu apartment complex. There is green grass, art sculptures, and a playground. The buildings are very tall. Haiping and Su Chun wonder around amazed. The apartment is gorgeous, with wood flooring and finishing, as well as vases and flowers. Su Chun comments that the apartment is worth 5 million yuan.

Su Chun is uneasy about living in someone else's apartment, but Haiping says she has no choice but to accept Haizao's gift. She also wants to invite her parents and Ran Ran to visit for two days. There is a warm-water swimming pool, library, and entertainment area, so Ran Ran won't break things in the apartment. We will move after Spring Festival, after New Year's we move out.

Secretary Song playfully chases Haizao up the stairs. Then seductively undresses while looking at Secertary Song. Song grins. Haizao's life is irregular, and can be described by the title of a book: "Half is Ocean, Half is Flame" [A famous novel by author Wang Shuo, Chinese name is 《一半是海水 一半是火焰》, English name given to movie is "Ocean Flame". It was been made into a movie in1989, with significant influence. You can watch here in Chinese. Please note this links works today, and is understood to be legitimate as posted on Youku. I will not update the link if it goes bad -- Trans.] Song would sometimes not call her for a long time, then suddenly say passionate things.

The screen breaks into three, as happened in an earlier episode. The right screen continues Haizao's strip tease, and her naked finger beckons Song. The left side is Young Bei working hard to prepare a meal, and below that Song's wife opening a safe and putting money in it.

Haizao liked getting love without putting anything into it. Young Bei would always be love with too many feelings.

A sultry maiden in a club bar one day, and cooking in the kitchen the next, she felt a double personality like Gregory Peck as Dr. Edward [reference to Albert Hitchcock's Spellbound]. Before, she found it difficult to be a slut; but now, she and Secretary Song had solidified their roles. Scene is of Song passionately kissing her neck.

A scene in Song's house. First, he objects his wife not closing the bathroom door as she sits on the toiler. The next morning, she asks him to help her with a girdle; "you are not a 20 year old; growing old together, neither one notices," comments Song. That night, he tries to be amorous, but as he kisses his wife, she remembers that Ting Ting, their daughter, has an exam the next morning and she doesn’t know where she put the booklet. Song sleeps.

Song gives Haizao money for clothes and she takes it.

Su Chun and Haiping are moving. Su Chun wants to throw everything away but Haiping says everything costs money, and there are sentimental things too -- like the underwear she wore to visit Ran Ran -- that she wants to save.

Haizao and Young Bei go to Yonghe Soybean Milk to eat. [This is a popular chain restaurant, and given the attention to detail of the place, it is most likely a product placement]. Their food has just arrived and a child yells that they are almost done. Her mother comes over and stands behind Young Bei -- it is Secretary Song's wife, and daughter Ting Ting. Haizao and Young Bei look at each other. Then Secretary Song comes over. Haizao pulls Young Bei away and they leave quickly.

Haiping gets paid by Mark for all her help in teaching him. She is happy with a big envelop full of money. She learns that Mark is friends with Song, a man she doesn't know.

Haiping and Su Chun will move on Saturday.

Secretary Song asks for a weekend with Haizao, but she says she must go to Wuxi on business, and that Song should spend his time with his wife and child. Song then calls Boss Chen and asks where Haizao is staying in Wuxi.

As Haizao is getting ready to leave the office, she notices the envelope of money that Song gave her. It is almost exactly the same as the envelope that Haiping got from mark [symbolically]. She can't deposit it, otherwise Young Bei will know. She was going to return it to Song, but after seeing him with his wife and child, she wants some revenge. The best solution: Spend it as quickly as possible.