Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 19

Secretary Song picks up Haizao and is followed by a Taxi. He drags her up the stairs of his villa with her fighting him. Haizao screams for Song to release her. He says, "You have a lover, you want to get married. Playing a game (逢场作戏), I will do it to you in spite." Song rips off her clothes. Haizao sobs, "Why did she [Song's wife] have to talk to me that way?" Song holds her and says he is wrong and will always protect her.

Song and Haizao get into the car to leave. It is raining. Song turns on the headlights and Young Bei is standing in front of the car. The internal car lights are on as Haizao stares at Young Bei. Young Bei is crying; he runs off. Haizao tries to follow him but Song stops her.

Young Bei flashes back to all his happy moments with Haizao. He screams in agony.

Song takes Haizao to look for Young Bei. They go to Haiping's apartment and bang on the door, waking Haiping and Su Chun. Song drops Haizao off and says anything should be left for the next day.

Haizao tells Haiping, who talks to Su Chun. Both Haiping and Su Chun ask, "Did he [Young Bei] block the bed? (给堵床上了)" [appears to mean "find them in bed", netizens (in China) find this phrasing quite interesting.] Su Chun convinces Haiping not to call all Young Bei's friends and colleagues since this would let them all know that Young Bei had been disgraced, and he would have no face -- and perhaps really commit suicide.

At dawn, Young Bei is seen sitting by the banks of the Yangzi (Huangpu), staring at Lujiazui. A song about betrayal is heard. He returns home and sees Haizao. He faints.

Young Bei is sick. Haizao buys him medicine and stays with him. He says, "I am fine". Haizao packs her bags.