Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 15

Haizao, Boss Chen, and Secretary Song leave the restaurant. Boss Chen drives them back.

Haiping gets a new student -- the son of a Japanese woman living in Mark's building. Back at home, Su Chun arrives and gives Haiping an envelope of money that he earned from creating a blueprint for a Fujian person he meet in a work meeting. Haiping stays up late preparing to teach the child.

The demolition crew comes to talk to Grandma Li. They say that the demolition will start, and dust will be everywhere, so she should worry about getting ill. Grandmi Li says it is not that she doesn't want to move, but that they are no giving her a place to move to. "If I had in my hands a three bedroom, one living room apartment, I would run from here faster than you. You give me an apartment, but I don't have the money to pay for it; you give me money, but I can't afford to buy an apartment. What can I do?" She laughs as the director of the residents committee leaves in disgust.

We meet two new people in a large office. They are both wearing suits. The one behind the desk is older, and he is reading a report from the younger one. They are talking about the shikumen that Grandma Li and formerly Haiping and Su Chun lived in, and how it was sold at such a low price to the real estate company owned by Boss Zhang. The older man orders the younger man to start an investigation, but to keep it secret until there is enough proof.

Haiping is declines to work overtime to her boss, again, for the umpteenth time, saying she must go home to make food for her sister (actually she is teaching). Her boss is unhappy, and says you can't hire 30 year old women, since they are busy with their lives and should stay at home.

Haiping returns to the office after the Chinese lesson with the Japanese child, who knows very little reading and writing. She works until late, and there are no more buses. So she decides to stay at the office. After Su Chun tells her she must return, despite the 50 yuan fee for a taxi, she goes back home.

Haiping tries to give 10,000 yuan to Haizao to pay back the loan, but she refuses. Su Chun comes in and says there is a property management fee of 2,200 yuan that must be paid that month. Haizao says Haiping should stay in the apartment and pay the property management fee with the money she is trying to return.

Someone (possible the young investigator) meets with a man and tells him to have classmate reunion. Next, the man appears at Secretary Song's workplace and tells him the classmate reunion in the new year will be at a resort in the countryside, and that Song should bring a partner since everyone else is divorced and they all bring someone (Song always "attends the meeting with a single knife", 单刀赴会). He agrees.

Haizao gets a call from Secretary Song who says he has two hours and he wants her. Afterwards, Song is getting dressed and Haizao asks about the 2,200 yuan fee for property management, and if her parents and Ran Ran can live in the apartment for new year's. Song says the fees will be paid, and that it is fine for the parents to come, but he needs Haizao to come with him to the countryside for 3 days during new year. She agrees.

Haiping gets in another fight with her manager about coming in on Saturday, especially so close to new year. She says she does all her work in the allotted time, and this is a socialist country, she will complain to the Women's Federation. The Japanese boss says the manager should put her in the back and not give her any work.

Haiping comes home to Su Chun and she wants to quit.