Friday, March 12, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 18

The scene continues from the last episode with Haizao's phone ringing while she is in the shower. It is Young Bei and Secretary Song answers it. He hands the phone to Haizao, who is lying in the tub. Haizao says she is alone, not knowing that Song had answered. A firecracker explodes overhead as Young Bei says he loves Haizao.

Song says that Haizao is his woman, that her first time was his. So he wants her to end the relationships with Young Bei. Haizao is puzzled by this [a strange fact fact about the series Woju is that Haizao sometimes has a voice, sometimes her feelings are narrated by a male]. Song: "I took your first time. But I treasure it like a pearl." Haizao holds him and says nothing.

Haizao and Secretary Song leave the hotel. The host calls the investigator and says he has found an opening: "A woman."

Boss Chen calls Secretary Song to thank him for the Red Star real estate advice -- they (in Wuxi) gave him a deal without him even travelling there. Song tells him to complete the deal with Hong Kong even if it is a loss, and wait on Red Star.

Song returns home and his wife is upset. One of Song's classmates told her about Song having a woman with him at the reunion. Song's wife cries. Song says that his relationship with the woman (Haizao) is "逢场作戏" (playing a game in a chance location, repeated twice in this episode -- the opposite of what "Fatty" told the investigator when Song and Haizao left the reunion). Song's wife says, "After so many days, you have no interest in me." She tries to pull away but Song forces himself on her -- she stares off into the distance as he is on top of her.

Song's wife comes to Haizao's office, and asks her to come outside. They go for coffee. Song's wife: "You are for appearances-sake. There will be no result. He is playing a game with you" (during this scene, Haizao's narrates her thoughts in her own voice, after last sentence violin is dramatic). Song’s wife continues: "I advise you one thing: don't use up your youth (青春) to bet on tomorrow. He will give you nothing. In the end, you will lose. I have everything: a husband who loves me, a beautiful daughter, social respect and position. I feel sorry for you. I hope when you are my age you have what I have, and not like a mouse putting away every crumb. And that after your husband knows your history, he will still treat you like his baby". Song's wife leaves.

Haiping arrives and Haizao is sobbing. As Haiping and Song's wife cross paths, someone is taking photographs.

Song confronts his wife. She tells him that Haizao is "playing a game with him" (逢场作戏, repeated for the 4th or 5th time this episode).

The investigator pastes Haiping's picture on the white board and says this is certainly not a case of "someone playing with someone" (same phrase, again). This is our opening.