Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 16

The scene from the end of last episode repeats, with Haiping saying she will quit. Haiping says it is all Su Chun's fault, that she has to work outside the home and be picked on by others. Su Chun says yes, she is right. But it is still a job. The old saying is still right: "If this place doesn't give milk, there is a place (for me) where milk is given" (implies that if a place does not welcome you, you have your own place that does; 此处不留奶 自有留奶处). Su Chun tells her not to be angry and she laughs. Su Chun gives her another envelope that he got from drawing blueprints.

Haiping learns that she has been assigned to a desk next to the toilet, and will not be given any work. She daydreams of smashing a vase over her manager's head. She returns home crying.

Grandma Li's neighbors comes to tell her that they are leaving. She says if she could afford the amount that they are paying, she would leave to. She returns to the shikumen

The demolition team is talking and they say Grandma Li is only home left, so they should give her a little extra subsidy. Another responds that they have already given her extra, but that she wants to turn her toilet-house into a golden phoenix.

Haizao comforts Haiping. Haizao says she will take of this issue, and that Haiping should stay home.

Young Bei calls Haizao and says the Haiping should just take it, and not let it interfere with her new year. Haizao hangs up on him. Secretary Song then calls, and instructs Haizao to tell him the whole situation so he can help her analyze it. She tells him about Haiping's company will not give her the several thousand yuan in bonus that is owed her. He laughs and says it is not worth. Haizao is upset, so Song says that Haiping should go to a hospital and have them write out a diagnosis for an illness that will require her to stay away from work for two months. The company would not dare to not pay her the money with this. She can also charge the company for massive medical bills.

The next scene is Haiping walking into the manager's office with her medical certifications and dropping them on the manager's desk. She says he should remember to let her know when bonuses are ready (he can't fire her while she is on sick leave).

Song's wife complains that he doesn't spend any money on housing, on furnishings, or on clothes. He says they have to be careful because of his position. His wife reminds him that their daughter's grades are poor, and he says he knows and has thought about it.

In bed, Song's wife says that Boss Chen has again given money to Song's brother, and he doesn't know what to do with it. Song says he will call him the next day. After they turn out the light, Song's wife says it has been 1-2 months since they have done it. Song says he is tired, and next time she should make an appointment. Perhaps Saturday? You are not a specialist doctor, just forget it.

Haiping is happy that Haizao helped her. They talk about the arrangement with Song will not last long. Then, Haiping gets a call from her manager to come in to you. She goes in, and they pay her the money, so she signs the agreement to quit.

Boss Chen comes to visit Secretary Song. Song tells him to come back on the eight day after new year because there is a Hong Kong businessman who will be in town. Chen asks about the benefits. Song says that you can't always be worried about the benefits. Sometimes when you do ten things right, the other nine have no big reward, but the one will be enough for you to live off for the rest of your life.

Haiping tells Su Chun that on Sunday she and Haizao will go to the train station to pick up her parents and Ran Ran. So he and Young Bei will have to make dinner. Su Chun is upset that he will have to lie to Young Bei about Haizao, but Haiping tells him to get over it.