Monday, March 01, 2010

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 14

City scenes of Xujiahui, one of the largest and most peopled shopping areas in Shanghai. Haizao is browsing in what appears to be Ganghui (Grand Gateway, the most luxurious mall in the area). She buys underwear and coats without thinking. She exits from Pacific Department Store and hops into a taxi.

Haizao visits Haiping and gives her a coat and clothes. Haiping asks who Mr. Song is, and Haizao tells her the truth. Haizao says she is young, and has time for passion and to devour. She doesn't envy Haiping. Haiping lectures her on not being alone when she is old, and that she will meet with misfortune.

Haizao is going to Suzhou to solve a problem with a project. A mistake (on the part of Haizao's company) near the end of the project has caused the client to not pay, and say that they will sue. Boss Chen has confiscated their keys and does not want to meet them for the moment. Haizao's duty is to meet with them and see if she can make progress.

Haizao arrives in Suzhou. She walks around the city and has a meal by herself. When she returns to her hotel, Secretary Song calls her and they flirt over the phone. While she is on the phone, there is a knock at the door. It is Song, but he pretends to abduct her so she screams "help".

The next morning Song sees the new clothes that Haizao has bought and is pleased. He "clothes have a price but youth is priceless". He sees that Haizao will leave so he says he will go with her, since this "bumpkin lass" (小丫头) will never get anything done.

In the meeting room of "Red Star Properties": The man throws done the project packet, "This is what your company has done. Tell your boss I am tearing down the building and finding someone else to redo it." Haizao asks what they can do to solve the problem. "Your behavior is that of a dishonest company (奸商), a fraud. Your company has damaged our reputation and credibility. You want to know what I want? Demolish the entire building and rebuild it." Haizao points out that the interior decoration of the building is already complete, so it doesn't make sense to demolish everything. [We see that Secretary Song is sitting next to Haizao]. The female member of red star speaks, "Who asked you to do this? You think because you get everything done in a hurry we will not object? We will not allow this type of dishonest company behavior. Tell your boss we will see him in court." Song says they will talk to the boss and return in the afternoon.

Song analyzes the project documents. He says that most of the problems are not major, "the demolition of the railing, pollution, surrounding environment, the lack of greenery by 0.1%, verticality off by 0.3% -- these errors are all within acceptable limits. But you are vulnerable on one point, and that is that your boss arbitrarily made the top of the building flat. That is completed different from the blueprint."

Haizao: "Yes. Boss Chen said that he talked to their boss about this and he agreed. They even went out drinking afterwards. But that boss left the company and the new boss has pointed at this as a major problem." Song: "The problem is not major. Money can solve this problem."

Haizao: "But we have sent many people to them to negotiate a monetary settlement, but they will not talk about money. They say we have affected their reputation, and there is irreparable damage that has been done. So we can't make progress on this."

Song asks if Haizao's knows the boss of the company. She gives him the materials, saying that their corporation is very large. Song chuckles as he looks at the materials on the boss. Song says he must go outside and make a phone call. He then takes Haizao to take some photos at scenic areas.

Haizao says: I am on a business trip, not travel. What will I say to Boss Chen. "I am here, what are you afraid of?" says Song [premonition: what will happen if Song is not there? Will Haizao be fired?]

Haiping's boss asks her to put in overtime again, but she says she can't on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, because she is taking classes to catch up with the new waves of college graduates. We learn her company is a Japan-invested enterprise.

Young Bei calls to tell Haizao that he thinks Haiping has another man. He says he loves her.

The next morning. Haizao and Secretary Song are sitting in the room. Song gets a call. He asks how much, then says no problem. He hangs up and tells Haizao to call Boss Chen and tell him to bring the keys in the afternoon. Haizao says they are still owed 2 million yuan. She calls Boss Chen, and Song takes the phone from her. He tells Boss Chen to take the settlement, against Boss Chen's objections. Song instructs him to finish the deal. He adds that Boss Chen shouldn't be rude to his woman (meaning Haizao).

Haizao thanks Song for his help (by saying she likes his thingy). He tells her that everything can be negotiated in this world. The crux is to find the key that unlocks the door to communication between two parties. But he is not a businessman. Businessmen exchange goods for money, and money for goods. It is a one-way street. He is an overpass. He tells Haizao just to be happy. As for the rest, he will take care of it.