Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coward: These Colours Don't Run

More Woju, Wo Ju, 蜗居 is coming. I have done 6 episodes in last two days.

Slant: First report this morning was that Google had pulled its search site from China, instead directing users to Hong Kong Google (which is uncensored, like the USA version, which isn't blocked either).

Second, news reports from U.K. and USA reported: "Google stops censoring (i.e. quits) in China" [their search engine is gone, so they are not here anymore and hence cannot stop or start censoring].

Third, Google.com is blocked in China (around 5 pm in Shanghai). I think it is the end.

It is not. An hour later, back to usual.

Fourth, Bush or Obama, united we stand. And we don't stand down. Google is a coward. A little insurrection and the punch bowl is tipped? Very "French", Google. My distaste is visceral. So arrogant, so correct. Is there not a republic in China? Is there no sympathy for Internet geeks who love Google in China (not "white collars and professionals" as Western market research and Keith Bradsher and David Barboza (new and old China hacks) would have it).

I just lost a bet that American society was more fair. Nevertheless, despite Google, our colors don't run.