Monday, March 01, 2010

Wo Ju – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 13

The same scene is repeated. Haiping is furious with Haizao for accepting this much help, and from a man. If Young Bei knew. Haizao says she isn't married to Young Bei, and he is just an ordinary friend. Haiping tells her to treasure love. Haizao asks Haiping if she treasures her feelings with Su Chun, and if this is the life she wanted. Haiping is flustered, and Haizao leaves her and key and storms out.

The apartment is in a beautiful xiaoqu apartment complex. There is green grass, art sculptures, and a playground. The buildings are very tall. Haiping and Su Chun wonder around amazed. The apartment is gorgeous, with wood flooring and finishing, as well as vases and flowers. Su Chun comments that the apartment is worth 5 million yuan.

Su Chun is uneasy about living in someone else's apartment, but Haiping says she has no choice but to accept Haizao's gift. She also wants to invite her parents and Ran Ran to visit for two days. There is a warm-water swimming pool, library, and entertainment area, so Ran Ran won't break things in the apartment. We will move after Spring Festival, after New Year's we move out.

Secretary Song playfully chases Haizao up the stairs. Then seductively undresses while looking at Secertary Song. Song grins. Haizao's life is irregular, and can be described by the title of a book: "Half is Ocean, Half is Flame" [A famous novel by author Wang Shuo, Chinese name is 《一半是海水 一半是火焰》, English name given to movie is "Ocean Flame". It was been made into a movie in1989, with significant influence. You can watch here in Chinese. Please note this links works today, and is understood to be legitimate as posted on Youku. I will not update the link if it goes bad -- Trans.] Song would sometimes not call her for a long time, then suddenly say passionate things.

The screen breaks into three, as happened in an earlier episode. The right screen continues Haizao's strip tease, and her naked finger beckons Song. The left side is Young Bei working hard to prepare a meal, and below that Song's wife opening a safe and putting money in it.

Haizao liked getting love without putting anything into it. Young Bei would always be love with too many feelings.

A sultry maiden in a club bar one day, and cooking in the kitchen the next, she felt a double personality like Gregory Peck as Dr. Edward [reference to Albert Hitchcock's Spellbound]. Before, she found it difficult to be a slut; but now, she and Secretary Song had solidified their roles. Scene is of Song passionately kissing her neck.

A scene in Song's house. First, he objects his wife not closing the bathroom door as she sits on the toiler. The next morning, she asks him to help her with a girdle; "you are not a 20 year old; growing old together, neither one notices," comments Song. That night, he tries to be amorous, but as he kisses his wife, she remembers that Ting Ting, their daughter, has an exam the next morning and she doesn’t know where she put the booklet. Song sleeps.

Song gives Haizao money for clothes and she takes it.

Su Chun and Haiping are moving. Su Chun wants to throw everything away but Haiping says everything costs money, and there are sentimental things too -- like the underwear she wore to visit Ran Ran -- that she wants to save.

Haizao and Young Bei go to Yonghe Soybean Milk to eat. [This is a popular chain restaurant, and given the attention to detail of the place, it is most likely a product placement]. Their food has just arrived and a child yells that they are almost done. Her mother comes over and stands behind Young Bei -- it is Secretary Song's wife, and daughter Ting Ting. Haizao and Young Bei look at each other. Then Secretary Song comes over. Haizao pulls Young Bei away and they leave quickly.

Haiping gets paid by Mark for all her help in teaching him. She is happy with a big envelop full of money. She learns that Mark is friends with Song, a man she doesn't know.

Haiping and Su Chun will move on Saturday.

Secretary Song asks for a weekend with Haizao, but she says she must go to Wuxi on business, and that Song should spend his time with his wife and child. Song then calls Boss Chen and asks where Haizao is staying in Wuxi.

As Haizao is getting ready to leave the office, she notices the envelope of money that Song gave her. It is almost exactly the same as the envelope that Haiping got from mark [symbolically]. She can't deposit it, otherwise Young Bei will know. She was going to return it to Song, but after seeing him with his wife and child, she wants some revenge. The best solution: Spend it as quickly as possible.