Friday, April 30, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 29

The scene from end of last episode repeats, with the roof the house falling on Grandma Li and the construction workers and cronies fleeing.

Grandma Li's son and daughter-in-law frantically pull bricks off the pile, also unearthing construction hard hats. One of the hard hats has a water bottle inside with the worker’s name painted on it.

Secretary Song receives a call, and the person tells him to look at the newspaper. On the front page, the first story is about a demolition where a 77-year-old woman was killed by a collapsed building. Song is furious. He calls Boss Chen to his office. He curses and yells at Chen. He tells Chen to die. Song tells him to give one of Chen's two remaining apartments to the Li family, and solve all their economic needs. The other apartment should be given to the police, and if the man who organized the actual demolition is arrested, Chen should take care of his family. Chen says that he thinks there might be a problem, because the police "eat vegetarian" (吃素) [are immune to bribery?].

Song goes to Haizao's apartment very late. She awakens and comes to ask him what is the matter. He says nothing. She says she is pregnant. She wants to get an abortion. Song tells her to have the baby. They argue.

Song arranges for a nanny (保姆) to take care of Haizao. He also takes her shopping and buys the dinning room table that his wife had looked at, but was too grudging to buy.

Secretary Sun (Song's superior) arrives back from Beijing to hear the new news.

Secretary Song and Boss Chen are in Song's office. Chen says that he will decorate the apartment for Grandma Li's family, and everything will be okay. Song says: "a life for an apartment". Song tells him to decorate the apartment in a durable way, not a luxurious way. He also tells Chen to give them 20,000 yuan, and not 200,000 because otherwise they will think the money comes so easily that they can rely on Chen for the rest of their lives. He also tells Chen that he will be taking the apartment that Haizao is living in.

Secretary Sun upbraids the investigator. He wants proof, proof of an official's misbehavior, proof the loan from Bank President Xie, proof of the demolition and death of a person. "Let the proof speak." He says that their investigation must continue, despite resistance from people in city police. Beijing is also investigating.

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