Friday, April 30, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 26

The scene from end of last episode repeats, with Su Chun going into his new office.

The general manager of the factory apologizes to him and says that they may need Su Chun to invite Mayor Zhang out for some events in the future. One of Su Chun's colleagues tells him that he heard Su Chun is the Mayor's wife's sister. Su Chun suspects that Haizao's lover, Secretary Song, is behind this, not Mark.

Haizao is bored. No one has time to eat with her and she has nothing to do: Song is working, Haiping is teaching Chinese, and Su Chun is being taken out to karaoke and banquets by his colleagues.

Song's wife and her friend have a long conversation about marriage, mistresses, and life. Song's wife knows he is back with Haizao.

Haizao starts to practice yoga.

Su Chun's colleagues ask him for a favor over dinner. They also give him a gold Buddha statue. They continue to drink and dine with him. He gets drunk and they take him to a massage parlor. When he awakes he runs out of the room.

Secretary Song calls Haizao and tells her to go look at apartments. If she likes them, he tells her to call him.

Haizao does not like the apartment because it is too far from her work and from Secretary Song.

Boss Chen comes to visit Song. Chen complains again about Grandma Li and her stubbornness in not leaving. He has done everything he could, knocked down all the surrounding buildings and even their roof, polluted water runs through the area, there are cockroaches, mice, and bugs. Song suggests that he give a little extra money to them. Chen says that he is in the business of making money, not losing it. A dozen square meter house demolished in exchange for an over 100 square meter apartment. Song says he must solve the problem, no matter what. There is a Hong Kong businessman who wants to enter Jiangzhou real estate, and it will involve Chen's company if he can finish the job.

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