Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 25

The end of last episode is repeated after the restaurant name, South Beauty, is shown again.

Secretary Song's friend tells him that the real case involves a factory in Fujian Province that manufactures the same product as the one in Jiangzhou. They are asking for help from Song in order to join the two factories together so that they both profit, in which case the Su Chun issue would be meaningless. Song promises to look into the issue.

The executive from the ship-building factory makes a call and demands that the case against Su Chun be dropped immediately.

One Month Later

Su Chun receives a notice that the case against him has been dropped. Then a top executive from the factory comes to tell him that they have joined with the Fujian factory, and to thank Su Chun. He is dumbfounded.

Young Bei takes Haizao's mobile phone to find Su Chun's number and sees a text message from Secretary Song. He is angry, tells Haizao he wants to break up, and strangles her. After releasing her, he leaves.

He returns the next day to get his things and move out.

Haizao goes to Secretary Song's office and waits by his car. When he leaves work, he sees her crying. They drive off.

Secretary Song tells Haizao that he helped Su Chun with his case. Haizao says she accepts her fate and will return to Song's side.

Song tells Haizao to live in the apartment he lent to Haiping and Su Chun. He says that soon they can go look for housing and buy one.

The next morning outside the apartment complex, two people in a car write down in a notebook the department of Song.

At Grandma Li's house, she is still lying in bed. Her daughter-in-law tries to get her to move around. Grandma Li says she wants to die. The daughter-in-law says she can't die because it would be worth anything. Grandma Li says: "Oh, so my life is only worth a hukou".

The head of investigative unit goes to the leader, named Secretary Sun. Sun says to keep waiting to see what their overall scheme is before they act.

Su Chun is congratulated by his colleagues at work. He gets a new office.

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