Friday, April 30, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 28

Secretary Song's wife and daughter are upset because he is never home for meals, and sometimes doesn't come home at night. He comes home late again and his wife tells him to sleep in the den. He grabs her, pushes her down on the bed, and rapes her (apparently). The next day Song calls his wife to say he is not coming home that night.

Boss Chen and his cronies are thinking about a plan to frighten Grandma Li. Chen says putting a dead cat or some feces in her house, but his cronies say that is too low for him, a big CEO. Instead, the cronies say they will use the "thatched boat to catch arrows" [use someone else's offensive to gain the offensive, from Three Kingdoms one of four classics of Chinese literature, I think].

The investigator comes to see the head official, Secretary Sun. The investigator says: "We have learned of a new development. Bank President Xie has borrowed 300 million from the bank and given it to Chen Sifu (Boss Chen)’s company. We have also learned some things about Dajiang Property. Besides the shikumen project that is related to Song Siming (Secretary Song) [i.e. the demolition involving Grandma Li], they found out that all the funding for Chen's company to list in Hong Kong comes from the bank, a Hong Kong businessman, and Tianda Property (the real estate company owned by Song’s other friend)." Secretary Sun tells the investigator to increase their surveillance of activities and not let out any word of the investigation. The next day Sun will go to Beijing to tell his boss in person.

Song has Boss Chen buy a Ferrari and redo his image to look like a CEO.

Song tells Chen to hurry up and complete the demolition. Chen meets with his cronies. They tell him the "grass boat/catch arrows" plan is to first distract Grandma Li's son and daughter-in-law with a first demolition team, then knock a hole in the wall with a second team. Once it rains, none of them will be able to live anymore. Boss Chen says this is a good plan. Then he says: "You idiots! This is not 'using the thatched roof to borrow arrows', it is called 'doing one thing under the cover of another' (暗度陈仓). You never studied!"

4 construction workers go one way, and the rest go the other way. The first group start to knock on the walls, and Grandma Li's son and daughter-and-law come out protesting.

The workers and Boss Chen's cronies pull Grandma's Li son and daughter-in-law away from the building. There is an argument with much pushing and shoving. Meanwhile, two construction workers scale the house and start to cave in the roof. Grandma Li awakes and screams "Help!" but no one can hear.

Grandma Li gets out of bed and crawls for help. It is unclear if she is crawling to get out or crawling to get under the demolition (so that it will intentionally fall on her). The roof falls on top of Grandma Li. Her son rushed inside.

The workers say that even though they knocked in the side where Grandma Li was not staying, she intentionally crawled under the roof so it would fall on her. They run off.

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