Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 23

Haiping waits in the office. She meets the manager and asks if something happened to Su Chun. He says yes, and that Su Chun is suspected of selling company secrets.

Su Chun has been arrested and is in jail. Haiping goes to the police station. The officer says they are interrogating Su Chun and that Haiping should get a lawyer.

Haiping calls Haizao, who is back at her company. They search the newspaper and online for a lawyer. Haizao calls Young Bei, whose friend knows a lawyer that has experience with economic cases.

Grandma Li's son says he can't live any longer in the house. He wants to take the few hundred thousand yuan and live out his life. Grandma Li admonishes him, and says that in the 1980s, someone with 10,000 yuan was well-off. But now it is nothing. The son’s wife agrees: "We must get an apartment -- they keep their value".

The lawyer tells Haiping that the case involves over 10 million yuan so there is a possibility of more than 3 years in jail. She goes to try and raise 100,000 yuan for bail money. She calls Haizao; Haizao has the money.

The police call and ask Haiping to come to the station for questioning.

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