Friday, April 30, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 27

The last scene from the previous episode repeats again. Secretary Song tells Boss Chen to pay off Grandma Li or solve the problem in order to be involved with the entrance of a Hong Kong businessman into Jiangzhou real estate. Boss Chen leaves.

Secretary Song calls Haizao and says they should eat together with Haiping and Su Chun in the apartment Haizao is living in. Song wants to be a part of the family. Song arrives and they start eating. Haiping and Su Chun are both awkward. Eventually, Su Chun confesses that he wants to quit his job and go into business for himself: opening an online bookstore for children's books. Song promises to introduce a classmate of his who is in the publishing business. Song leaves. Haiping is furious that Su Chun wants to quit and didn't tell her before.

Song tells one of his real estate friends that he needs to find a road out, and he will use Boss Chen's company as a shell for listing in Hong Kong. Without any [political] background, Boss Chen's company will not draw any attention. His friend asks him to explain but Song demurs, saying they will discuss it at dinner.

At dinner Song tells a story: "Once there was a place called America. There was an old man with three sons. The oldest and the second oldest were both working in the city. The youngest son and the man relied on each other to survive in the countryside. One day a man came and said, 'can I take your son into the city to work.' The old man said, 'No, absolutely not. Get out of here.' 'If I find a spouse for your son in the city, can I take him there?' The old man said still said, 'No, get out of here.' The man asked again, 'If the spouse I find for your daughter, your future daughter-in-law, is a daughter of Rockefeller, would that work?' The old man thought for a minute. In the end, the idea of his son being the son-in-law of Rockefeller moved him. He agreed. A few days later the man went to the magnate and oil king Rockefeller and said, 'I have a spouse for your daughter, will that work?' Rockefeller said, 'No, get out.' Then the man said, 'if the son-in-law I find for you is the vice-president of the World Bank, would that work?' Rockefeller agreed. Another few days later, the man went to the president of the World Bank and told him to appoint a vice-president. The president of the bank laughed, 'I already have so many vice-presidents, I cannot appoint another one, especially immediately.' The man said, 'If the vice-president is the son-in-law of Rockefeller, will that work?' The president agreed. So this young man immediately became the son-in-law of Rockefeller and the vice-president of the World Bank. This story tells us that the abilities of the young man are not important; what is crucial is how you gather the strings and build the bridge [work as a go between] and operate things. If he [Boss Chen] just shows up at the appropriate time. We will be the brothers and the father, and can ask him for whatever we want. We already have our Rockefeller who will build the bridge with strings. What we lack is a World Bank."

One of the friends at the table says: "Ok, my bank can do it. How much is needed?" Song holds up three fingers. "30 million, alright". "Add a zero," says Song. "Ah!?" Song says he is not alone in this project, and there is no risk. We need an asset form filled out with 300 million. Then, when the company lists, 300 million will become 3.5 billion. The bank's money will be returned." "Okay".

Boss Chen tells his works to frighten Grandma Li to get her out, as all the other households have left, and she is the last dingzi hu/

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