Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wo Ju (Woju) – Snail Space 蜗居, Episode 24

Haiping goes to the police station. They ask her about the blueprints that Su Chun drew, and whether he gave her money. She says nothing. The police say they are giving Su Chun an opportunity for a light sentence, and that her lack of cooperation will hurt him. She remains silent. The police leave the room.

A group walks into the Jiangzhou City Planning Showroom. Secretary Song is among them. He calls Mark (the foreigner Haiping is teaching) to ask about something, and Mark tells him about Haiping and Su Chun.

After Haiping leaves, the police talk about the case. Su Chun has confessed, but they lack other evidence. In particular, they can't find the 50,000 yuan that Su Chun took since it was not deposited in the bank.

Song asks his friend to look into the case -- "to see how deep the water is, so I will know from where to engage the issue". 24 million yuan is the claimed loss, but they only gave Su Chun 5,000 yuan a month in wages. The annual income of the entire output of the company is only 35 million. The company is a ship-building factory. Song’s friend tell him that if he is unfriendly with the man, he can help Su Chun get a light sentence; if he is friendly with the man, he will have to use his guanxi to get the company to withdraw its case. Since no indictment has been made, this will end the case and the involvement of the police.

Haiping goes to her lawyer but he says that the case has been taken over by one of the best lawyers in the city. Haiping is puzzled and calls Haizao. Haizao knows nothing about it.

Mark claims that he helped Haiping. She is very happy.

Su Chun is released from jail. He is at home waiting from Haiping, who is walking home with Mark. Haiping is ecstatic to see Su Chun when she arrives home.

As Secretary Song and the lawyer are leaving, someone is taking photos from the second floor.

Song meets with the right hand man of the ship building factory boss. He asks to have the case ended. The man agrees, but says there will be questions from above and the law may still move forward without them. He then leaves.

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