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Map and Geography

Brief Introduction to Geographic Position of Zhongguancun
April 29, 2000 Sina Science & Technology

ZGC geography map

Zhongguancun Map

Zhongguancun is located in the northwest corner of Beijing, at westernmost end of North 4th Ring Road. It forms a triangle with Peking University and Tsinghua University, with each abutting the other. The courtyards of ancient dynastic families in Yihe Yuan and Yuanming Yuan (site) are both nearby, while the Fragrant Hills are only 20 km away.

Traffic Lines
From the Capital International Airport to Zhongguancun, one can take a taxi cab (the fare is approximately 100 yuan); or one can take an Air China Bus (ticket price is 12 yuan), and get off at the Modern Plaza or (to the south) walk to the Friendship Hotel, or (to the north) change to the 320 Public Bus on the same side as the Plaza, and get off at the East Zhongguancun stop.

From the Western Beijing Station to Zhongguancun, one can ride the 320 to the last stop which is the East Zhongguancun stop.

From Beijing Station to Zhongguancun, one can first ride the subway in the direction of Pingguo Yuan and exit at the Military Museum. From the south of the Military Museum (south of the road) ride 320 Public Bus to the East Zhongguancun stop.
If you are driving to Zhongguancun, I would advise going from North 3rd Ring Road to the north, toward Zhongguancun.

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