Saturday, June 25, 2005


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I apologize for the paucity of posts over the past two weeks. In an effort to provide compensation, I offer the following lengthy article posted in 5 segments. This article is an influential one for understanding the situation of Zhongguancun at the present.

The five posts should make clear the key elements of the argument. The first deals with an introduction to the problem: Zhongguancun, touted as China's Silicon Valley, is facing problems in its development. What are the indicators of the problem?

The second post deals with the source of Zhongguancun's problems: a lack of innovation. But why has Zhongguancun ceased to innovate?

The third post identifies one of the problems: the "frying" of real estate (chao dipi, in Chinese). Real estate development has incresed the cost of starting a business in Zhongguancun. This post addressed the causes of this phenomenon.

The fourth post identifies another problem, that of finance. Lacking true venture capitalists (another there is no dearth of capitalists) Zhongguancun enterprises cannot find funding for their companies.

Finally, the last post is a coda. It deals with the role of government and how government can play a role most productive to Zhongguancun as a whole.

These posts are translated from the original Chinese by me. Copyright is held by the source publication, Global Business & Finance. As such, these posts are presented for general knowledge and in the spirit of fair use. They should not be reproduced or retransmitted without the permission of Global Business & Finance and myself.

Translated June 25, 2005 for by Tyler Rooker

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