Monday, May 30, 2005

Boobs Banned in Beijing!

Boba [Big Boob] Mouse Pad is Likely Pornography
Banned in Beijing

Banned Mouse Pad 1

May 28, 2005 9:38 am
By Wu Ren

((Translated By Tyler Rooker for on May 30, 2005))

A short time ago pornographic mouse pads appeared in Zhongguancun markets. These mouse pads have images of females from adult video games and cartoons. They are also very out of the ordinary in design and workmanship, surpassing the dimensions of ordinary mouse pads. They have met with condemnation from many quarters. Recently, the Industry & Commerce Department has classified these mouse pads as products of the “three withouts [without capital, without a place of business, and without employees].” The Department also confiscated the mouse pads and made their sales illegal.

Banned Mouse Pad 2 

Some male shoppers didn' think there was anything unusual or overtly bad about these mouse pads! But for females, these mouse pads have had an adverse effect on their esteem. A female salesperson on the 4th floor of Dinghao [Top] Electronics Mall said: “These mouse pads humiliate women. I am opposed to them. People who produce and sell [these mouse pads] are abominations. I don’t know if they have mothers or sisters but I am certain that they don't respect women!”
Certainly these mouse pads do not respect women. Moreover, for minors there may be irrevocable effects. Clamping down is a reasonable action! Here, your correspondent reminds those salespeople secretly selling the mouse pads that you shouldn’t sell yourself out just for a few slivers of profit!

If any consumers come across this type of product, you can report them to the Commerce & Industry Department or the Market Supervision Department.

Banned Mouse Pad 3 

Source: People’s Net, May 28

(May 15, 2005)

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