Monday, May 23, 2005

The "cun" in Zhongguancun

Just a quick note -- Zhongguancun is three Chinese characters:

1. "Zhong" is the same as the zhong in Zhongguo ("China")

2. "Guan" is the same guan as guanmen ("Closed" or "Close the door!")

3. "Cun" is a character meaning "village"

The final character is often joked about, since Zhongguancun, as China's Silicon Valley, is the opposite of a "cun" (village).

One of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs, Duan Yongji, is known as the "village head" (cun-zhang) of Zhongguancun.

The people of Zhongguancun are sometimes referred to as "villagers" in jest.

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