Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wikipedia Zhongguancun Entry Updated

I have added some information to the Wikipedia entry for Zhongguancun. It is currently listed under "Zhong Guan Cun," which makes sense because the characters in the Chinese name are three separate ones (see title of this blog).

The current address is:

Wikipedia Zhongguancun

Check it out.

Also, writing up a general introduction to Zhongguancun has made me recall my interview with Chen Chunxian, the China Academy of Sciences (CAS) member who was the first person to think of a Silicon Valley in China. Chen Chunxian was a plasma physicist at CAS until he quit to start a company. He is known in Zhongguancun as "the first person to eat crab" (第一吃螃蟹的人), meaning that dared to try something that looked horrible on the outside but is great once you try it. He passed away one year ago. I will post a future blog about him and his courageous work to set up a company and transfer scientific results into technology that could be used. He really is some one who should be remembered.

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