Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zhongguancun 2006 Six Month Economic Statistics (Parks)

Zhongguancun Science and Technology Zone
Management Committee

July 24, 2006

(Translated and adopted from Chinese, found at ZGC official government website, here, on October 29, 2006)

Zhongguancun Science and Technology Zone is composed of seven individual parks: Haidian Park, Fengtai Park, Changping Park, Electronics City, Yizhuang Park, Desheng Park, and Jianxiang Park. The following chart gives the breakdown of revenue by park.

Zhongguancun Science & Technology Zone 2006, January-June (Half Year) Economic Development Statistics (By Park)

2006 1/2 Year(% ZGC Revenue)2006 1/2 Year(Revenue in billion yuan)2005 1/2 Year(Revenue in billion yuan)
Haidian Park48.4124.393.2
Fengtai Park11.128.522.3
Changping Park6.717.212.5
Electronics City8.221.018.5
Yizhuang Park24.863.839.1
Desheng Park0.51.30.8
Jianxiang Park0.20.60.4

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