Friday, March 10, 2006

Zhongguancun Zone 2005 Economic Indicators

Zhongguancun Science & Technology Zone 2005 Summary of Economic Development

Department of Science & Technology
Torch High Technology Industry Development Center

February 27, 2006

2005 was the year after Zhongguancun Science & Technology Zone “Five Year Phase of Taking the Platform.” Various construction projects of the Zone achieved substantial results: economic development grew at a fast yet stable rate; in total economic quantity, indicators doubled from 2001; revenue in technology-industry-trade broke 480 billion yuan; industrial production and foreign currency increased mightily; there was a steady increase in the amount of taxes paid; the development trends in key industries was stable; core enterprises had a positive total development form; and there was a beneficial increase in key projects of the central area.

Zhongguancun Science& Technology Zone 2005 Economic Development Status
(Preliminary Statistics)

20052004% Increase
Newly Recognized Enterprises4,4344,2663.9
Revenue (billion yuan)481.9369.230.5
Total Industrial Production Value (billion yuan)255.2187.636.0
Taxes Paid (billion yuan)16.814.218.1
Exports Created (billion USD)9.05.468.1

Separated according to Zhongguancun’s individual Parks, Haidian Park had an estimated total revenue of 248.5 billion yuan, Fengtai Park a total revenue of 60.0 billion yuan, Changping Yuan an estimated total revenue of 23.7 billion yuan, Electronics City an estimated total revenue of 41.0 billion yuan, Yizhuang an estimated revenue of 96.5 billion yuan, Desheng Park 2.22 billion yuan, and Jianxiang Park 1.0 billion yuan. Compared to last year, aside from Changping Park whose growth rate declined to 4.8%, other Parks all grew at a rate of 18% or higher, and Yizhuang Science and Technology Park grew at the highest rate: 97.1%.

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