Tuesday, April 26, 2005

News Article on Japan Protests

April 9, 2005. A protest against Japan will be held at Zhongguancun���s Hilon Market. Self-made posters should be brought by participants. This protest is organized by patriotic students. We will assemble at the front door of Hilon Market in Zhongguancun to request that stores engaging in sales of Japanese electronic goods cease their sales. Throughout the country, the opposition to Japanese goods is at a high tide, while the capital sits by idly. For this reason, patriotic students have spontaneously organized to spread the message and come to the bustling region of Zhongguancun, to demonstrate, to oppose Japanese goods, and to reject Japanese electronics. Patriotic acts are not illegal (but we must prevent people from using the students to create riots and disturb the peace). Everyone can relax, since Beijing Television (BTV) will give a live broadcast. Organizers predict 20,000 participants in the protest. The goal is to let the world know that Chinese people are still the great dragon of the Orient.

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